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Why Are Viral Videos So Important?

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The fact is most of us cannot afford to shoot a $5,000 to $50,000 music video and there’s no guarantee that if you invest that money it will be recouped in sales or a record deal.

A great alternative route to go is to make a cool and interesting viral video to support the release of your project. What are the benefits? A GLOBAL AUDIENCE! Once you upload it on a platform like YouTube, people looking for new music may discover yours and if it’s good enough they will share it with their friends via social networks. You can also take the embed link (and YouTube link) and add it to your website, blogs, & social networks.

YouTube has hit 3 billion views per day.

If your song is on digital store sites like Amazon, Rhapsody, Google Play & iTunes people have the option of purchasing your music right from the video site if you put the buy link underneath the video!

ComScore ranks YouTube as the top online video property as of January 2012, with over 152 million unique visitors, in comparison to VEVO with over 52 million viewers followed by Facebook with over 45 million viewers. Also try sites like Vimeo and Daily Motion, because they have lot of loyal users and YouTube is not allowed in certain countries like China.

There are also tons blogs and music news sites that would love to post a quality video from indie artists so what are you waiting on? It doesn’t take a ton of money you can get started with a flip cam, or even use your smart phone and with one click you have a created a viral video.

With the digital age of video there are dozens of artists that we all know that have leveraged the power of viral videos to launch their career. I’m sure you have heard of Souljah Boy and Justin Bieber, Right? So what are you waiting on?

The main thing is to get started now, be creative and stay consistent.

This bulk of this post came from an email I received from New Digital 12 Inch.