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Our Top 5 Christian Grey Picks: The Readers Have Spoken

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         Christian Grey fans have turned to social networks to cast their opinion on who should play the pantie dropper Christian Grey! E.L James’s Twitter account has been overflowed with fans dropping names and pictures of actors. But will the casting director take in consideration the fans favorites? They didn’t the first time when they hired Charlie Hunnam… We all know how that turned out… Like the saying goes” the buyer is always right!”

Here are the top 5 names being dropped:

1. Ian Somerhalder

The 34 year old is best known for portraying Damon Salvatore on The CW show The Vampire Diaries. The piercing eyed actor has recently broken up with long term girlfriend and costar NinaDobrev. What better way to bounce back than taking on the role of the most desired man!

2. Matt Bomer

Matt’s name was dropped even before production was considered! You might remember him from a small movie (cough cough) called Magic Mike, where he plays the part of a stripper along side Channing Tatum and Matthew Mcconaughey ! I believe it’s safe to say he’s comfortable in his own skin!

3. Alexander Skarsgard

The HBO heartthrob has/had  a reoccurring  role on the series True Blood, where he portrays/portrayed a viking vampire. True Blood writers ended season 7 with a cliffhanger, not knowing if Skargard’s character will be killed off. Maybe now he’ll have more time to focus on Fifty Shades of Grey!

4. Jaime Dornan

The Irish actor has appeared on smaller roles such as the huntsman in “Once Upon a Time” and Count Fersen in the 206 remake of Marie Antoinette along side Kristen Dunst. Could portraying Christian Grey will be his big break?

5. Christian Cooke

His recent acting gig was in the newest adaptation of Romeo and Juliette as Mercutio. The film was released on October 11, 2013, the movie did not receive the high ratings it was expecting but it did stir up buzz for Cooke’s great acting skills.

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