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This Is What Happens When Fans Go Too Far

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J. Cole recently made the news when one of his fans threatened to shoot his sister if the artist didn’t retweet him. J. Cole obliged the man and his twitter has since been deleted, but in the music industry, things like this aren’t uncommon. Famous musicians tend to bring out the worst, and craziest, in our fellow humans. Here are some of the strangest things fans have done to get their idol’s attention.

The Beatles probably take the cake for having the most devoted and downright terrifying fans. They even inspired their own phrase “Beatlemania”. One of the craziest fan encounters inspired Paul McCartney to write a song about it. “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window”  is about a group of fans that one day climbed in through McCartney’s window and began rifling through his drawers.

While The Beatles’ fans are climbing through windows, Beliebers come close to declaring states of emergency. When Bieber was slated to perform in Oslo, Norway, the waiting crowd became so unruly that Norwegian police threatened to issue a state of emergency. Bieber himself was forced to reach out through twitter to encourage his adoring mob to obey the local authorities.

But the Beliebers don’t stop at full-blown states of emergency, they also participate in sending out death threats. Apart from frequent death messages sent to the star’s former girlfriend, Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian received threats after being seen in photos with him in 2010.

KPop star, Taecyeon’s, fans are relatively calm. Except for one dedicated fan sent the star a fan letter. While fan letters aren’t uncommon, this particular one was written with the girl’s menstrual blood to prove her dedication.

Twitter can be a terrifying place for artists. Whether you’re being told to retweet a person or someone will be shot or people are just constantly tweeting at you, there’s really nowhere to escape. Former Disney star, Ashley Tisdale, reportedly received 18,000 tweets from one man who later showed up at her house.

In comparison to Beliebers and all the other fans of teen pop stars, One Directioners are relatively calm. Sure they squeal a lot, crowd public spaces, and wait for days to meet the boy band, but for the most part they are harmless. But even they aren’t immune from issuing death threats. When Zayn Malik asked a receptionist at an Australian radio station out on a date, fans bombarded the lovely woman with threats and hate mail. Some even went so far as to show up to her place of work.

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