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Week In Music Review: Katy Perry, Dj Khaled, Nipsey Hussle, X-Factor, Prince and More

Last week was very light for music releases. The 22nd day of October had very few notable album releases and even less for Hip Hop and R&B, which is what I am supposed to be covering.


No competition for Katy Perry’s Prism this week. There were no real surprises on the album, but Prisim is a solid pop radio ready release. A couple of disco era tribute songs, an appearance from rapper Juicy J, and she did what she was supposed to do. I’m waiting for the day she experiments with her voice over music that is not so overly produced. I believe she has the vocals to shock us, if she steps out of her comfort zone. Until then, a solid pop release from Katy. I give Prism a 7.




Next up was DJ Khaled With Suffering From Success. The album is summed up on solo Lil Wayne track “No Motive”. Wayne spits metaphor after metaphor, until he reaches the hook where he states that he has no motive for killing. This is the album. Usually DJ Khaled albums have a couple of gems on them. The lead single “No New Fiends” featuring Drake, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne is probably about the height of what the album has to offer. Many rappers lend 16s for this project, but nothing is legendary. Suffering From Success scores a 4.


Next is West Cost underground L.A. Poster boy Nipsey Hussle with Crenshaw. Nipsey makes authentic West Coast gangsta music. The album released as a free mixtape. The production is not bad, but after about track 6 or 7; I was sick of hearing the same thing over and over again. Nipsey had nothing to say. He has come so far, he has more money than yall, he runs through loose women, and if you tripping you’re going to get shot. This was the subject on every single song. Between his support from rappers like Snoop Dogg and The Game, he has the potential to break through to the mainstream. However, as long as that’s all he has to say, he’s got a long way to go. Crenshaw scores a solid 4.


Then we have the winners of last years X – Factor, Fifth Harmony with their EP Better Together. To make a long story shor,t they won’t be around for to long with that crap. They score a 3.


Amel Larrieux dropped Ice Cream All The Time a 90s style R&b album with laid back production. Not much to say about it. Nothing really stood out to me. She scores a 4.


One a side note Prince released five remixes of a breakfast song to play off an old Dave Chappelle skit. To tell the truth it was better most albums last week. Tuesday the 29th shows much more promise for album releases. At least let’s hope.



Rating System

10 – Instant Classic – must have

09 – Great Album just short of classic

08 – Good Album recommend checking out

07 – Above average more upside then down

06 – Worth the listen, has a few moments

05 – Average, maybe core fan base will enjoy

04 – You’re not missing much if you skip this one

03 – Bad album let down

02 – Trash- don’t waste your time

01 – Everyone involved in this album needs to reevaluate their life