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The Voice Fans Tweet For Instant Live Save

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The Voice started with live performance Monday night. It was hard to foresee who would be in jeopardy of going home after a great night. Fans got a chance to instantly save their favorite artist by tweeting #VoiceSave followed by the  artist’s name.

American first saved Josh Kaufman from Team Usher. All three artists from both Team Adam and Team Blake were saved.  T.J. Wilkins (Team Usher), Dani Moz (Team Shakira), and Tess Boyer (Team Shakira) ended up with the least amount of votes.

T.J. Wilkins sang for his life with “I’ll Be.”  Blake pleaded for fans to save T.J.

Dani chose “Turning Tables.” Blake thought what she did was brilliant. It killed Shakira seeing Dani in the bottom.

Tess performed “Dark Side.” Usher thought se did great.  Tess was instantly saved with about 40 percent of the votes through Twitter.

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