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Virdiko:” A lot of artists give up on their songs too quick.”

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Virdiko is an online music promotion company that services thousands of dj’s globally with the newest music from independent and major label artists. The company provides a “service pack” where dj’s can listen, rate and give feedback directly to the artists. Founded by former corporate marketing executive Kevin AKA Big Daddy the Dj, Virdko has become on of the most popular promotion vehicles for hip-hop artists. Last week I was able to speak with Kevin about his company’s success and how Virdiko is helping bridge the gap between dj’s and artists globally.

Why did you create Virdiko?
I decided to create Virdiko because I am a Dj and I knew it was a more efficient way to service music to Dj’s other than Cd’s which was the most popular way of getting your music out when we first launched six years ago. I used to see a lot of artist walking up to Dj’s and handing them a cd while they were spinning at a club and I knew it would be more efficient if they had an electronic version as well. With the electronic distribution dj’s and artist have a way to communicate back and forth and also the artists gets immediate feedback? Being a Dj I knew wanted so I decided to create a platform that I would like to use.

How has the response been since so far?
We are going on our 5th year so its been excellent so far. We started off with a couple of dj’s now we service thousands of dj’s globally in 150 countries. The Dj’s love the simplicity of Virdiko. The listen to the song, watch the video and see the feedback from other Dj’s around the world. The artists love it. To them it’s like the best thing since sliced bread because, they can spend a few hundred dollars and effectively reach thousands of DJ’s and receive instant feedback. We feel like we satisfy the entires spectrum which is the artist, the DJ, and the record label.

What makes Virdiko unique?
If I told you that I would be telling you all my secrets lol. But, seriously I have a small company that allows me to move a lot quicker than most and being a DJ for so long I was able to create an extremely effective system that was built by Dj’s and for Dj’s. I know for me I can’t scroll over 100 songs a day, so I designed the site that would quickly allow me to listen, rate and give feedback on new music. So clearly I would say it’s the simplicity of having a great system where Dj’s know they will receive quality music.

Is emailing an mp3 still an effective way to market a new single?
Actually people are still sending out email blasts, mailer but they are not really attaching the file. Most people are using a site or service that hosts files.

What type of advice a new artist releasing their first single with a small budget?
I know resources are always limited, but I would tell any artist to find a song that you believe in and that the people around you belive in. And, if you are confident in that song that you get a positive reaction on a local level. I would say take that one song and run with it. I wouldn’t tell any artist to spend time or resources creating an entire mixtape. All it takes is one single so invest the rest of your resources on creating your brand and developing your image. I would press up a few cd’s to pass out at the clubs, malls and places that potential fans may be as well and get with a service like Virdiko to create a service pack to send out. Having a service pack for the Dj’s to is the most important step, because it immediately lets you know if you’re gonna get any traction on the song. So many people give me cd with ten songs on a disc, but I’m not gonna A&R your project I just want to know what song you want to roll with. So find that one song that you belive in and put all your resources. A lot of artist give up on their songs too quick. It takes nine months to birth a baby and it usually takes the same for a single to pick up. I can name 100 songs that came out last year that are just now starting to “pop.”

What does the future like for Virdiko?
You always have to be ten steps ahead and leverage technology. We just released Virdiko Mobile which allows the Dj’s to have the same access to Virdiko on their phone. You can listen to the song, download it, and give feedback. We are working on another feature that will allow the Dj’s to add songs to their playlist from their mobile phone as well. We know that everything is going mobile so we want to be prepared to be the leader in that area as it develops