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Viral Marketing for Musicians

My name is Matt G, and I am a multi-genre recording artist/songwriter based out of Austin, TX. I consider myself a multi-media revolutionary in today’s ever changing music industry. I record and perform all of my own work as well as write for other up and coming artists to help them build their lyrical understanding and repertoire.

In today’s modern-day music world artists have to utilize all resources possible in order to establish themselves as professionals in a new age. In doing so, it becomes an equal task to separate yourself as a unique artist with such vast competition. This is where the various tools the digital age has given us, are useful to establish ourselves as a brand to our potential listeners. Blogosphere multi-media sites such as HipHopDx.com,  Datpiff.com, and dozens of others offer new artists exposure almost equivalent to mainstream media.

The most important aspect of any music recording artists’ career is their material, and capacity to have their work, seen, heard, and reviewed. Since the advents of Myspace, Facebook, YouTube, Bandcamp, Last.fm, Spotify and dozens of other multi-media sharing networks exposure can be gained through endless outlets. These same outlets help us build stronger fan bases, in order to generate a buzz for positioning ourselves into more beneficial business opportunities.

With an increased exposure via viral web marketing, opportunities for new talent are literally at our fingertips. Through digital distribution networks such as ReverbNation and Tunecore today’s modern day recording artist/entrepreneur now have the ability to turn a revenue and see the rewards of their work. The creative aspect of music is the heart that helps the modern day artist tick. But the brain dictates how that machine functions and without business brains, that heart will end up having an empty use.

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  • http://twitter.com/RonGreezy Ronald A. Grant

    I’m glad that Matt G is willing to share of his expertise, experiences and knowledge of making it in the new music industry and economy. There’s so much to be said for in terms of knowledge and being able to apply the knowledge you get so that you can become successful as an artist, and having that knowledge is more vital than ever. Looking forward to more posts and information here!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Kellanddrumgoole Kelland Drumgoole

    Ron glad you found some good info! I read your blogs too pretty good stuff. With love to have you contribute some of that knowledge with us 😉