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Simon Cowell, Jessie J Baby News

Baby news has plagued 2013. With rumors of Beyoncé pregnant again, the birth of North West and the Royal baby last month, celebrity babies are all the rage. Well, we may have more babies on the way.

Simon Cowell, from The X Factor and American Idol, is going to have a baby. Girlfriend Lauren Silverman is reportedly ten weeks pregnant with the 53 year-old’s first child. Also, singer Jessie J wants to have children in the near future. The 25 year-old Domino singer has stated that spending time with her nephew’s has influenced her to have children. However, the only problem she’s facing is that she needs a man. Of course, one is required to have baby but she says, “I won’t settle for anything less [than Mr Right]. The right person will appear and it will be amazing,” she told Marie Claire UK. Good luck to both Brits and their future with children.

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