Video: "Only" (Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne)

YMCMB has always topped the charts with hits from Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Wayne since the group first came together and haven’t slowed down a bit. They never seem to disappoint, and this time around is no different. With Chris Brown singing the hook, their single “Only” seems like it will be yet another hit for the Young Money crew.

In the song, there seems to be some clearing of the air about rumors and assumptions brought upon the Young Money team by default. Nicki denies ever having sexual relations with Drake or Wayne and Drake continues to profess his obsession for Nicki and says if she ever becomes a single lady that he would be first in line to claim her.

Hard-hitting bass and chimes cover the track following deadly punch lines from each member. The song is pretty straightforward while the video takes on a completely different edge. The video has an eerie fog horror-like feel to it, which brings out some unusual thematic scenes. This gritty, abstract setting also features a house of torture where men are tied up around deadly utensils. Check out the video to “Only” below and try not to cover your eyes too much from the scary visual.

Source: Vevo

source: Vevo
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