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VEVO Mobile App Review

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VEVO Mobile App Review: 4 out of 5
Gone are the days when we needed MTV and BET to screen the newest music videos from our favorite artists. The introduction of high-speed internet gave birth to Youtube which opened the floodgates for digital video content. Music Video sharing has now evolved from YouTube to a more specified digital media network with VEVO. Starting as a streaming digital music video service in 2009 they have now utilized smart phone technology’s multimedia advancement by introducing their own mobile application in early 2011.

By an increase in development, Vevo has based itself in attracting more hi-end advertisers by offering more enriched content in the highest quality HD resolution for your music video experience. By offering a merchandise store and referral links to media on Amazon and Itunes, Sony’s Vevo has a much larger budget to provide the latest in music video entertainment. Just like YouTube, users can reate their own personal playlists for faster content retrieval and playback.

The quality of the content is Vevo’s best bargaining chip in today’s smorgasbord of digital media entertainment. That and an extended catalogue of various music from mainstream american pop to foreign indie bands. More and more artists have taken to services such as VEVO for debut video releases with the who’s who of top-notch sponsorships.

Just as other multi-media services, Vevo’s personal settings allow you to connect with Facebook and scrobble on Last.fm turning your music video experience into public news updates for all your online friends. You can even use the “Music Map” to search what VEVO content is currently the most popular in your area. Once again, digital media services are showing us why its more fun if everyone else is listening along with you. Because of VEVO’s high quality video and convenient smart phone adaptation as a music video tool I give it a rating of 4 out of 5.

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