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Vassy : From Small Town Australia to Grey’s Anatomy and Making Life a “Beautiful Day”

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A few days ago, I received an email introducing me to Vassy Karaglorgos, AKA Vassy, an Australian bred singer/songwriter who is poised to take the pop world by storm.

With the soulfulness of Amy Winehouse mixed with boundary-pushing artists like Santigold, her new album ‘Beautiful Day’ has all the elements of a classic.

Vassy has had her music featured on popular television shows like ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Ugly Betty,’ and now has her eyes set on topping the Billboard charts. Here is an interview I had with her yesterday, about growing up in Australia and how a “one-chance” trip to New York changed her life forever.

How have you been so successful in getting your songs placed on television and commercials?
Luck that’s all! It started by accident. I was visiting New York right after my dad passed away, and I was kinda lost while healing at the time. One day, I met someone who fell in love with my music and the rest is history! It started from there with the Hilton Hotels campaign, to the Pepsi/Coca Cola campaign and next it was the Grey’s Anatomy promo. I thank God everyday!

Explain your songwriting process for me?
It depends. It can start off with an idea, a hook, a melody, or one word and then it goes from there. It takes a life of its own. There is never one specify way it happens, it just kinda rolls out from inspiration somehow..

What is the most exciting part about what you do?
Performing that’s where I get the most excitement I would say – just seeing how my fans are embracing me makes my heart smile.

What was it like growing up in Australia with dreams for being a pop star?
Hard. I grew up in a remote part of Australia, in a small town called Darwin and we don’t have many opportunities there. So, it was frustrating and at times depressing. People would say “dream on,” if I voiced that I wanted to live in America one day.

And so i quietly would…lol. When I first heard Billie Holiday at 15 yrs old, while listening to a community radio station that was when I knew music was my calling. I became obsessed with american culture, and from that day on knew I would be living in America one day doing what I love…

What songs on Beautiful Day are you most proud of?
All of them, but “WE ARE YOUNG” is very special to me. I really created that one from thin air, lol it was a pure vibe thing. It was so much fun and the producer Tim Myers (One Republic) embraced my crazy idea and allowed me to make it happen! It was so much fun yelling into a punk roc mic to get that ‘Pink’ sound. Also, other songs like “Could this Be Love,” which is my single came from a true place in my heart..

What’s the best advice you would give to a new artist?
I volunteer at an orphanage and tell this to all my girls all the time: Believe in yourself first and the others will follow. You have to be humble, help others be positive and don’t compromise your soul and body. Just have faith in yourself! When i was kicked out of the school choir, I was told I could not sing. As much as rejection hurt, it made me stronger and I wanted to prove to that I could do it!! Like they say in the Kevin Costner movie “Field Of Dreams” If you build it they will come…..