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UKF hits 1billion YouTube views – Generation Bass insights

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28th June, 2012, London: AEI Media, the music & media company is proud to announce that its UKF brand has achieved over 1 billion views on YouTube since 29th April 2009.

Celebrating this crucial milestone, UKF now reveals the first key insights from research conducted into the fans of bass music and their culture, resulting in the emergence of what they dub ‘Generation Bass’.

Bass Culture encompasses Dubstep, Drum & Bass, as well as other sub-genres of electronic music and is the most exciting genre of music around. Pioneered by a clutch of talented British producers, DJs & artists, the phenomenon is fast spreading across the world, in particular in the US. Bass music has broken into the mainstream over the last few years with acts such as Chase & Status, Nero, Flux Pavilion, DJ Fresh and Knife Party to name but a few.

Luke Hood, founder of UKF, comments: “Whilst the rest of the music industry faces its own challenges, there is a whole new movement tuning in to the Bass music online, in clubs and at festivals and as our insight shows it’s an entirely new generation. They are young, diverse fans, consuming music online via YouTube, actively purchasing albums on iTunes as they are keen to hear and support new producers and acts. It is like a latent revolution, which keeps on growing and we are providing the fans with the music they truly want to hear.”

Generation Bass – the profile
Generation Bass is a global phenomenon, but with a strong base in the UK, US as well as in Germany.

It is a young audience:

The UKF Dubstep audience make up is 76.2% male and 23.8% female, with 39.1% 13 -17yrs and 49.1% 18-24yrs.

The UKF Drum & Bass audience make up is 79.4% male and 23.3% female, with 34.8% – 13-17yrs and 51.7% 18-24yrs.

Generation Bass are early adopters and leading the way in taking bass music into the mainstream. The fact that approximately 40% of the fans are in the 13-17yrs age range shows that the Generation Bass is here to stay and will only keep growing.

Generation Bass – listening to and buying music online
The reason for UKF hitting 1 billion YouTube views is due to the fact that Generation Bass tends to listen to music online with the most popular platforms for listening to music being PC/Laptop (89% listen to music using this platform at least several times a day), followed by an MP3 player (60%) and mobile device (46%).

Being more specific about the music, but reflecting the above pattern of listening preferences, the most popular platforms for listening to Dubstep/Drum and Bass are PC/Laptop (81% listen to Dubstep / 61% listen to Drum & Bass on this platform at least several times a day), MP3 player (56% / 44%) followed by the mobile device (43% / 32%).

And, Generation Bass spends money on music downloads:
27% spend more than £10 a month downloading music
18% spend more than £10 a month purchasing CDs
4% spend more than £10 a month streaming music

Generation Bass – online music discovery and search
YouTube is by far the main platform used for music discovery amongst UKF fans (95% of UKF fans said this) and most fans came across UKF after seeing a video on the UKF YouTube channels (81% of fans discovered UKF after watching a video on the Dubstep channel).

Almost two-thirds (64%) of fans search for music online at least several times a day, with the most popular websites for music search being YouTube (95%), followed by Facebook (69%) and Soundcloud (65%).

The most frequently used websites for streaming music see YouTube at the top again with (89% streaming music at least once a week from YouTube), followed by Spotify (18%) and Last.fm (14%).

Generation Bass – attitudes towards live events and club nights

When old enough, Generation Bass is very active in attending club nights with almost six in ten fans (58%) attending Dubstep club nights and four in ten fans (41%) attending Drum & Bass club nights. The Dubstep club night attendees go to an average of 2.3 events each month, and the Drum & Bass club night attendees go to an average of 2.0 events each month.

Generation Bass will attend events like artist shows/gigs (Dubstep 79% / Drum & Bass 78%), festivals (Dubstep 52% / Drum & Bass 52%) and branded club nights (Dubstep 44% / Drum & Bass 52%). They will discover Dubstep / Drum & Bass club nights mainly through updates on social networks (86% / 86%) and through friend’s word of mouth (74% / 78%).

What Generation Bass finds most appealing at an event is the ‘good vibe/crowd up for it’ (84% of Dubstep event attendees / 80% of Drum & Bass attendees), the ‘tune selection’ (74% / 76%) and that there are ‘well known artists/DJs (70% / 70%).

Generation Bass is also very open to alternative options of experiencing live events such as live streaming – 36% of respondents said they would be extremely interested in streaming major bass music club nights/events to their computers/mobile devices. They would in fact be willing to pay £3 – £5 to stream these live events.

Generation Bass – loves UKF

UKF’s enormous popularity is directly attributable to the music it helps support. More than eight in ten (83%) of fans believe ‘UKF is the leading place to find the best Dubstep tracks’ and the close relationship UKF enjoys with fans on social networks is very much a result of UKF’s successful utilisation of social networks to communicate its multi-layered offerings.

Separately, UKF has just announced the launch of the official UKF Music website: www.ukfmusic.com created to act as a centralised hub for all things UKF, such as the next upcoming events, uploads and competitions.