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Twitter’s Latest Celebrity Feud – Rihanna and Amanda Bynes

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It seems like celebrities can’t go a week without starting some form of twitter feud. Former actress, Amanda Bynes, has taken to the twitterspehere with some very strong opinions about the singer, calling her ugly and saying that Chris Brown only beat her because she wasn’t pretty.

While Rihanna chose not to directly engage with Bynes, she tweeted what was undeniably a reaction to the onslaught of tweets.

This spurred another series of hateful interactions from Bynes, calling the singer a dog and claiming Rihanna was the one in need of intervention.  Though Bynes’ is now claiming her twitter account was hacked and is now saying she loves the beautiful singer, Rihanna has decided to call it quits on the entire feud. A source close to Rihanna says that the singer is “done with all that stupid a** s***”.

Now all that’s left to do is see which celebrities start a twitter fight next.

Mackenzie is an Alabama native attending NYU and studying Journalism and Dramatic Literature. She hopes to one day live in London and write for the BBC.