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The Best Of November Music Releases

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Maybe you have missed some of my posts. Maybe you have been asleep and missed out on all the albums and mix tapes that were released in November or maybe you just want to hear some new music and don’t know what to jam.


This is my November Review. It’s not diplomatic or politically correct. This is not the list of albums I rated “for what it’s worth”. This is my own personal list.


Here are 13 releases I enjoyed and feel like they are worthy of sharing.


My top music projects released in November.



 November top 12

1.M.I.A. – Matangi

You have to have an open mind to listen to a M.I.A. album. She is as eccentric as it gets. I feel like she had the most original, creative and complete album of the month.

November top 12

 2. Eminem – Marshall Mathers LP 2

This is Marshal at his best. His word play and rhyme scheme is phenomenal on this album. He brought his A game on this album and redeemed himself from his last effort.

November top 12

3. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

A theatrical masterpiece it is. An album full of ballads but for me it was close to classic status. Various artists lend vocals to this project for what I feel is a timeless piece of work. Effective and powerful.

November top 12

4. Omarion – Care Package 2

Omarion hasn’t missed a beat. This free download was the best R&B project released in the month of November and has me looking forward to his Maybach Music release coming soon.

 November top 12

5. Jhene Aiko – Sail Out (EP)

An artist I look forward to in the future. Her fresh new sound and excellent intricate writing is worthy of playlist placement on the iPod.

November top 12

6. Chris Brown – X Factor (EP)

Shout out to Chris Brown. This EP is simply genius. I enjoyed every minute of it and felt no need to skip any of the songs.

November top 12

7. Delta Rae – Chasing Twisters (EP)

Not sure what genre to place them in. A little country, a little theatrical, and a little soulful. Even though there are only 5 tracks, it is very entertaining.

 November top 12

8. Bun B – Trill OG The Epilogue

The underground king is back and this album is a very awesome listen and I have nothing but good things to say about this well-rounded and complete album.

November top 12

9. Yelawolf and DJ Paul – Black Fall (EP)

Very entertaining and not a dull moment.  He and DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia is a match made in heaven. A very short project, but very necessary.

 November top 12

10. Slim Thug – Boss Life

I’m not a fan of artists that lack subject matter. I also hate to make a statement like that about Slim, but this album has flow to it that was appealing and it is easy to listen too.

November top 12

11. Trae tha Truth – I Am King

A free Mixtape that felt better then most of the albums released. Most of the project is mellow and it’s filled with guest appearances from all across hip hop. I was impressed with the choice of appearances and what each guest brought to the project. Snoop Dogg, Lupe Fiasco, Jada Kiss, Young Jeezy, Big Krit, T.I. and Meek Mills just to name a few.

November top 12

12. Aril Lavigne – Avril Lavigne

Avril’s self-titled album isn’t a must have. I expected the album to be better than it was. With that said, I wanted her to step out of her comfort zone and she did that for few tracks. The album is very pop and very young but it had its moments.

November Bonus

Bonus – Tech N9ne – Therapy

Another release worth the listen was Tech N9ne’s Therapy Sessions. This was Tech’s complete transition to metal/rap. I can’t wait to see if he follows this with a complete album and tour with a full live band.


That concludes my list of November releases to add to the collection. All in all it was a good month. I have 12 quality picks and I have a feeling that December will have a few near classics in it. Only time will tell so stay tuned…



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