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TweetVine Spotify App Review

While the Tweetvine Spotify app seems like a cool new idea in theory, there’s really nothing interesting about it thus far. The concept is based on creating playlists based on what’s trending currently on Twitter using the #NowPlaying hash tag. Set to refresh a new updated playlist every hour, there’s not a whole lot of diversity here. Once again unifying our social and music experience by “hacking” into the twitter feeds and providing you a means to find out what Tweeters are listening to.

I don’t really understand the point however, as I wouldn’t trust what’s trending on twitter as much of it is simply hype and not unique nor new in any way. This could possibly another means of trying to keep up with the trends of the times by using social networks to find out “what’s cool” at the moment.

What I don’t understand is exactly the purpose of configuring playlists based on twitter feeds that are far too numerous to keep up with by the second much less by the hour. I also noticed the top songs on the playlists show only 15 tweets which I find hardly a trending song by any means considering what one would expect when coming across the app.

Nothing flashy to the design and literally no navigating as you get exactly what the app suggests in one single playlists based on Twitter trends. A far cry from some of the recent advances in digital streaming music technologies of today, Tweetvine seems like a brash attempt to keep up with an overly popular concept of socializing your music experience.

As I said in my opening sentence, cool in theory, I don’t see how Tweetvine could offer me anything I’d want to extend my time using when I have so many other means of discovering new and unique music offered in other apps.

As much as I’d like to think Twitter can offer more than random mumbo jumbo from friends, peers, and idols, I just can’t seem to divulge the idea of caring what millions of children and egos are playing at the moment. Especially since the songs displayed in the playlist are overrated and already polluting the airwaves of FM radio non-stop. I rate Tweetvine a 1/5.