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Turn Speech Into Rap With Auto Rap For iPhone

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I have to admit, Auto-Rap app for Iphone seemed cheesy and pointless when I first read the description in the app store, but once I downloaded and tried it out, I started to become freakishly addicted.

This fun app by Smule turns spoken speech into a rap over various hip-hop,pop, and dance beats.Though the free app only comes with 3 beats to choose from, there are more available for purchase.

All you have to do is tap the screen, speak anything into the microphone, and playback the recording over the beat.The app speeds or slows the recording to match the track chosen, and repeats it into a rap.Something simple as, “Lets do it!” Plays back like a T-Pain song heard from the radio. Although I’ve heard of several T-Pain type apps, this one is a tad bit different and makes for a good time.

If you’re looking for a quick way to kill boredom with a few friends, this will definitely do the trick. I also tried it as a conversation starter at a bar, and received decent responses with it. I haven’t purchased any new beats, but I’m more than satisfied with what the app already offers. Besides, no better way to randomly turn an awkward moment into a good time than by busting out with the auto-app during heavy discussions with a friend or two.

I also enjoy the groovy art design interface and the colors for Auto-Rap.The trippy abstract art and psychedelic colors definitely give the app a cool atmosphere that makes using auto-rap that much more amusing.

I rate this app a 4/5, and will probably spend more time wearing out its amusement over the next several weeks.

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