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TuneWiki Android App Review-2012

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There are dozens of music players for Android, but only one gives you synced lyrics to read as you play your favorite song. The TuneWiki Android App is the epitome of awesomeness when it comes to music players, and it’s got some great social features to boot.

At its core TuneWiki is a Music Player. It will play all the songs on your Android device, has a widget, and lets you make playlists along with all the normal functions of your average music player. That’s where the similarities between TuneWiki and the rest of the players end, as TuneWiki isn’t your average music player. When you first start a song TuneWiki starts working to find the song’s lyrics, fans, top lyrics, and artists biography. Everything is easily accessible by swiping left & right and there’s even a “dedication” tab if you want to send a song out on Facebook or Twitter.

The lyrics feature of TuneWiki is pretty slick, and the app had no trouble finding lyrics for 99% of my music although there were a few songs it couldn’t get. You can also manually sync the lyrics to the song if need be, but mine all synced up nicely automatically. You can also share those lyrics by logging into Facebook, Twitter or TuneWiki. The Top Fans tab is pretty self explanatory as it shows the top 10 fans of a particular artist. I’m not sure how they pick the fans, but it’s a nice looking layout and each “fan” has their own individual page that shows their favorite tunes, followers, and plays. Top Lyrics show most liked lyrics for an individual song along with comments from fans. This feature is a great way to discuss a song’s lyrics with other likeminded folks. Last but not least, you’ve got the artist bio section that gives you details on the artist or group along with a list of all their releases.

If you thought that was all TuneWiki does you’d be wrong as there are still a few more cool features to check out. The main screen has a button you can use to ID songs or search for lyrics, and you’ve also got the “trending” feature. The Trending tab shows hot lyrics that are trending at the moment while the charts tab shows the top songs for your country. The Map tab uses your GPS location to show users listening to music in your area; you get to see what they’re listening to and can pull up information pertinent to that song including music videos, lyrics and mapping the song. The Song Mapping function is one of my favorites as it lets you see people around the world that are listening to the same songs. It was pretty cool to see people from the US, Africa, England and Iran listening to the Ruff Riders Anthem by DMX.

I’ve been reviewing Android Apps for almost 2 years now, and TuneWiki was one of those apps I always meant to check out but never did. Well, I’m glad I finally got around to it as TuneWiki is awesome in every way. It will play anything you throw at it, gets you lyrics, and lets you share your thoughts on your favorite songs or bands. The whole app is simple to use and the interface looks great. If you’re in the mood to try something different or are looking for a new music player I highly recommend checking this one out. You can pick up TuneWiki for free on Google Play.

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