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TuneIn Radio App For Windows Phone

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TuneIn Radio for Windows phone is one of the coolest streaming radio apps that I have ever used. After using it, this past weekend It may soon be replacing iHeart Radio as my go to streaming radio app of choice.

TuneIn comes with an unlimited amount of local, national, and international stations to choose from. I was able to catch a really cool party station in Capetown South Africa this weekend and I was completely blown away by the quality and the great mix the dj had going.

Another advantage that TuneIn Radio has over iHeart Radio is it has a lot more local stations in my area to choose and it also allows you to the option to switch between FM and streaming to save battery life! I was Arkansas this weekend and seemlessly listening to all my favorite local channel in Dallas.

TuneIn also has a slew of great local sports channel, talk shows and comdey channels to choose from. The user interface is very clean and the social intergration which includes a super cool Twitter as users are able to join the local conversation.

Sorry Iheart Radio, TuneIn Radio now has my heart :(