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TunaSpot: Because the World is Full of Sounds

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With social music services such as Spotify or Soundcloud, it is becoming increasingly easy to see what music people are listening to around your neighborhood. With the new iPhone and iPad application from Talkative AB – Tunaspot, you can see what music people are listening to in your city, country, or the entire world. Tunaspot is a location-based music service. It enables you to find Spotify and Soundcloud playlists posted by real people around your location. Let’s get specific, when Tunaspot says location, it doesn’t just mean around your neighborhood, it means your specific locations throughout your daily life.

Unfortunately, this music application has not yet received the appropriate attention it should be given in the United States. Today music is so easily accessible on the internet, the supply is almost unlimited. Talkative AB argue that because of this, we are more than ever in need of quality music filters to find the music we want to listen to. There are some quality online music filters such as Soundcloud or Spotify that can solve this problem to an extent, but Tunaspot takes a different approach and filters music by your current location. This helps you discover music that is best for every location. You can listen to playlists made by other people at a location, or you can make your own with your favourite songs to listen to at your favourite places to be.

Upon downloading the application to my iPhone I found that at the moment, this brilliant idea does not yet have enough participants in the United States to really make the app work. The application is beautifully designed and looks promising. Once open a message pops up asking for my current location to find playlists around me. However because the application does not have enough users, a message appeared telling me there were ‘no tunas found.’ I live in Brooklyn, New York City, and if no one in the whole of New York City is using the application, then clearly it has not been given the appropriate exposure needed for it to work.

There are some severe downsides to the application at this point, when the ‘no tunas found’ message appears there is only the option to ‘refresh.’ There are no other options available except to close the application. No settings menu, in fact no menus at all, just a green screen telling me ‘no tunas found.’ This limit in functionality made me very disappointed as it effectively rendered the application useless. I could not even create my own playlists, or do anything at all. At this point, due to the low number of users of this application and the limited functionality I give this app 1 out of 5 stars. The 1 is generous though, and I only award it based on my optimism for the application in the future.