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Travis Porter’s “Mr. Porter Mixtape” Review

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The hip-hop trio Travis Porter has been out of the spotlight for awhile, but prior to their sophomore album debut, the Decatur boys have released a 22-track mixtape.  My working theory is that Travis Porter is a musical group that you either love or you hate.  Unfortunately, Mr. Porter didn’t quite live up to my tastes or my expectations.

I had heard a lot about Travis Porter prior to listening to their mixtape.  They were a dynamic, Southern pairing with a talent for making you want to get up off your seat and dance.  Needless to say, my expectations were very high and the opening song “Back At It” had me intrigued.  They rap of how they’re back to the same thing.  And that’s perfectly acceptable.  Consistency is a wonderful trait in the music world, but there is a fine line between consistency and repetition that Travis Porter hasn’t quite learned to differentiate between.

“Goin Deep” sounds exactly the same as the intro, keeping the same basic beat and tune.  If there hadn’t been a brief and awkward stutter separating the two songs, I wouldn’t have even noticed that we had moved on.  Speaking of the brief and awkward stutter, several of the songs are cut off abruptly.  I’m not sure whether the members of Travis Porter are to blame for this, or someone else, but it’s all very distracting.  Though with how much I’m not enjoying the mixtape, the distraction is welcome.

The mixtape continues in the same fashion.  Each song has the same basic set-up as the intro with a few added bits.  “Wassup” vaguely reminds me of Nicki Minaj’s “I Endorse These Strippers”, which I ardently hate.  “Follies” has a strange and grating background vocal that only adds to my disdain for this mixtape so far, and “Err Damn Day” features an obnoxiously “Lalalala” that I never imagined hearing in a rap song.

However, the mixtape wasn’t all terrible.  “Baddest” was a nice respite from the never-ending and repetitious patterns.  And though I despised most of “Err Damn Day”, the background melody was nice.

If you’re a Travis Porter fan, you should definitely check out their mixtape.  I, for one, think I’m better off missing out on their upcoming works.