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Top10 Spotify App Review

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Top10.com: Spotify App Review~4 out of 5

Top 10 is a really cool way to compare and contrast lists of you and your friends’ Top 10 favorite songs from each of your most played groups. By analyzing the music you play most, Spotify calculates a list of the most popular tracks played from specific artists. Then you’re given the choice to place your top 10 favorite songs from each artist and share them with other Spotify users and your social networks. Take a glimpse into which songs your friends/followers favor the most and share one of the most common means of connection with one another; the music.

The features are extremely simple and take no time at all to play with. Simply choose between: “Start a Top 10,” “Browse Top10’s,” and “Your Collection.” Browse some of other users Top 10 lists and add songs to your various playlists as you see fit. Top10 displays the most popular songs favored by various users and generates its own list of the most played songs from specific artists throughout the network.

The easy navigation and browsing gives you speedy access to the Top 10 lists of all your favorite artists as well as a means to listen to songs you possibly haven’t heard yet. I believe the coolest part about the Top10 app is how fast you can piece together numerous playlists and share them with hundreds if not thousands of friends immediately. This once again proves how fast the music world is changing and we now have the power to introduce our peers to new music, instead of FM radio and mainstream record labels.

There’s no mobile app for Top10 yet, as Spotify still has yet to integrate its mobile interface with the new in-house application feature but its only a matter of time. As far as its use, Top10 is dead on point with plenty of room to develop. Once it releases a Spotify mobile app I’ll rate it 5/5. Until then, I give it a stand-out 4/5.