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Top 5 YouTube cover songs of 2011

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2012 will be here in few hours so I decided to bring you a list of the Top 5 YouTube cover song videos of 2011.

2011 was definitely the year of cover songs, as we saw uknown and some relatively known musicians increase their Klout rankings with their versions of our favorite songs. You can Love it or hate it, but its very entertaining and a great marketing tool.

Boyce Avenue-Linkin Park-Shadow of the Day

Boyce Avenue are YouTube Cover songs and this video is trending toward 13 million. Need i say more?

Chris Brown feat T-Pain-Ni**** in Paris-Jay-z and Kanye West
They went all on this remake of Jigga mans and Yeezy’s #1 hit.

Justin Bieber-Drake-Trust Issues
I can’t deny the Biebs went in like Hulk Hogan on this song without the profanity and it was still hot.

The Weeknd-Michael Jackson-Dirty Diana

The Weeknd gracefully pulls of a cover from the King of Pop.

Bridget Kelly-Migeul-Qickie

The Roc Nation solider lets Miguel know that a real woman wants more than a ‘Quickie.’