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Top 5 Tips for Approaching Music Blogs

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How to Get You Music Posted on Blogs
1.Keep it Personal
Please don’t mass email blogs! Take the time to individually email each writer and address them by name. You are asking the blogger to take the time to listen to your music and hopefully write a review, take the time to email each blogger personally which is why we included this information in The Music Blog Directory.

2.Do your Research

It may sound obvious but read the descriptions and only reach out to blogs that fit your genre. Hit the link and read the last few posts, you may just discover a new blog to follow. Remember that you are asking the blogger to become your new fan, so it could certainly help your cause if you have already returned the favor.

3.Be Unique…Be You!
We have all heard the phrase “what’s the story” and no that’s not where did you grow up and what ashes your music rose from (unless of course you grew up on a remote part of Antarctica and learn to play music in the ashes of the fire that kept you alive in the cold harsh winter). “The Story” is simply what makes you and your music different from every other band out there. So skip the hype and tell a story that captures people’s attention.

4.Keep it Short, Sweet and to the Point!
Bloggers receive hundreds of emails a day so do not be disheartened if you do receive a response on your first try. Chances are they have not even read your email. Don’t overwhelm them with paragraph after paragraph…you have 3 sentences to catch the bloggers attention so keep it short, genuine, interesting and to the point.

5.If you like it then you should have put a link on it
99% of bloggers do not want their inbox filled by large attachments….aint nobody got time for that! So do your part and make it easy for the blogger to stream or download your music via links such as Soundcloud or Bandcamp. Also include a download link to a high quality mp3, band photo and artwork using a site such as HighTail (aka Yousendit), Of course include links at the end of the email to your website (you do have one right?) and your various social networking sites.

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