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Top 10 Spring Break Destinations for College Students

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Midterms are over, and summer is just a few months away.  But before you pack your bags to either move out into the real world or back into your parent’s home for a few months, Spring Break is coming first to offer a respite in the midst of exam woes.  Whether you use this break to catch up on partying or sleeping is up to you, but here is our all-inclusive list of our top 10 Spring Break destinations.

1. Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is a staple among the Spring Break destinations.  Parties never stop and there are bars at every turn.  Even if you’re not into partying and drinking, there are gorgeous beaches and a rich Mayan culture to explore.

2. New York City

Even if you’re under the age of 21 and can’t get into most bars and clubs, New York has plenty to offer.  Between the shopping, theatre, and museums, you’re guaranteed to have a jam-packed Spring Break.  Keep in mind that a trip to New York most likely won’t be a relaxing one though.  The city is very high-paced and high-energy.  Also, don’t just stick to Midtown.  Check out downtown Manhattan or some of the other boroughs.  You never know what you’ll find.

3. Disney World

Maybe it’s because I’m still very much a child at heart, but what better place to spend Spring Break than the most magical place on Earth?  Not to mention, their vacation packages are a ridiculously good deal, covering a hotel, food, and theme parks.  And if you get tired of the child-like wonder, you can always pop over to Pleasure Island for a more grown-up centered night.

4. Telluride, Colorado

If the beach isn’t quite your scene, slap on some skis or strap on your board and head to what is regarded as the top ski resort in North America.  Aside from the slopes, Telluride boasts many other outdoor sports to participate in as well, including mountain biking, hiking, and river rafting.

5. Dublin, Ireland

While this may not be the most cost-effective Spring Break trip, Dublin has plenty of free activities and events once you’re in Ireland.  It also helps that many Spring Breaks fall during St. Patrick’s Day, which is a 5 day event in Dublin.  When you’re not down at the pub, there are plenty of walking tours to give you a glimpse of the Irish countryside and a rich history to partake in.  But be warned!  Even though it’s Spring Break, Ireland is most likely colder than you’ll be prepared for.

6. Panama City Beach, Florida

If you’re looking for the more traditional Spring Break getaway, Panama City Beach is the place for you.  It’s cheap and it’s rowdy during Spring Break weeks.  If there’s one thing PCB knows how to do, it’s party.

v7. Las Vegas

You should probably wait until you’re 21 for this one.  But once you are 21, there’s plenty for you to do.  Las Vegas is also the home to MTV’s Spring Break special, which is usually jam packed.

8. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is a city filled to the brim with history and culture.  With the French Quarter and the Riverfront to fill your days and a robust nightlife, New Orleans is more unique than your average beach destination, yet still offers plenty of action and entertainment.  There’s also an excellent combination of Cajun and classic Southern food to dine on.

9. Cruise to Nowhere

Most major cruise lines offer a cruise to nowhere and it’s the perfect way to get away from the stress of college.  With unlimited amounts of food, drinks, and entertainment – all at a relatively low price – a cruise to nowhere is for those on a budget who still want to have a great time.

10. Washington D.C.

While the United States’ Capitol hardly seems like a fun place to break from the mundane and repetitious rut of academia, Washington D.C. has plenty to offer for students.  The National Mall and Smithsonian Museums are enough to fill a week.  But just because the trip will be educational, doesn’t mean it’ll have to be boring.  Relive and learn about our nation’s history at the Library of Congress and the White House.  Also, at this time of year, the cherry blossoms will be in full bloom and sight to see.