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Top 10 Most Viewed Young Money Videos On Vevo

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While hip hop legends Jay-Z and Kanye West may have the rest of the world “Watching The Throne,”the brainchild of the “best rapper alive” is currently holding the throne down in hip hop. Young Money/Cash Money is without a doubt the most powerful label in hip hop right now and their queen, Nicki Minaj may very well be the new “king of hip hop.”

Hopefully, in 2012 we will see more Young Money artists like Tyga and Corey Gunz release their full legnth albums. While most of their top videos on YouTube are lyric videos or fanmade, we decided to make a list of Top Ten Most Viewed Young Money Vevo Videos since all those are official.

1. Nicki Minaj-Super Bass-220,323,786

2. Young Money-Bedrock-74,969,171

3. Drake-Find your Love-49,470,543

4.. Nicki Minaj feat Drake-Moment For Life-48,332,081

5. Drake-Over-48,308,624

6. Lil Wayne feat Corey Gunz-6 Foot 7-46,465,065

7. Nicki Minaj-Your Love-42,386,959

8. Drake feat Lil Wayne and Eminem-Forever-40,138,252

9. Nicki Minaj-Right Thru Me-34,193,242

10. Drake feat Lil Wayne-Miss Me-31,488,822

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