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Top 10 Music Merchandising Companies

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Today’s music industry is all about branding. An artists music sales are taking a back burner and merchandising and endorsement deals are becoming more and more important. There is no shortage of merchandising companies, in fact there are several out there and they are eager to help you expand your brand. Why not try one of these merchandising companies listed below?

Creative Allies/Band Art– Don’t let your artistic talent and your admiration for a certain band go unnoticed. You can have your artwork featured on official band merchandise, all you have to do is enter the contests and let the judges decide on a winner.

Merch Direct– Looking for merch? Look no further than Merch Direct!

Music  City Merchandise– All your merchandising needs in one convenient location.

Brothers Merchandising– Not your average merchandising company. This company takes pride in the fact that they are well versed in the world of marketing and licensing as well as merchandising.

BandMerch– There is a lot to be said about this merchandising company: founded by family, run by fans, serves the music community both on and off line, dedicated to giving quality over quantity and takes pride in the fact that they are socially responsible.

Bravado– Ranked one of the top merchandising companies in the industry.

TinMan– Will give you their undivided attention.

MerchNow– Up-to-date in terms of style, equipment and methods used to produce the merch. You can count on them because they are not only fast but they are dependable.

Zambooie– Focused on one particular genre of merchandise.

PRN Graphics– If you are looking for concert apparel this is the place.

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