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Tickle the Ivories with Smule’s Magic Piano for Android

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The Piano is a tough thing to master, and something I’ve personally tried a few times to no avail. There are several different Piano apps out there, but Magic Piano for Android is by far the best around. Magic Piano may not teach you how to plan like Chopin, but it will let you have a whole lot of fun.

I’ll start this one off by saying that Magic Piano for Android is unlike any Piano app you’ve ever played, and just like a game there are a couple of different modes of play. If you just want to goof around you can go with Solo mode which lets you play freestyle. Anywhere you touch on the screen you’ll play a key and the piano will “magically” come into view when you touch the screen. If you don’t dig playing in the dark you can press the Piano symbol in the top corner and Viola! you instantly have a funky spiral keyboard to toy around with. There’s also a full keyboard and one that’s a complete circle so you get 4 different ways to play in Solo Mode.

The other half of the Android app is the “play” section which lets you play well known songs with the app. Notes will come down the screen and you’ll have to tap at the appropriate time to get the song to sound right. If you’re too late or go too far off to the side you’ll be told and the better you do the higher your score will be. You can set this mode to freeplay or game mode; game mode gives you a score and some stars while freeplay doesn’t care if you screw up. You’re also able to set the difficulty up which is recommended as Twinkle Twinkle is much easier to play that Fur Elise or Minuet in G.

As with most apps these days there is a catch, and that catch is the in-app purchasing system. You’re given 3 or 4 songs to start off with for free and there are several other free ones available, but new ones will cost you coins. I’m not sure if they can be earned by playing as I’ve played all the free songs perfectly and my coins haven’t budged from the original 30 I was given. The actual songbook available to you is pretty vast though as you’ll get to pick from 248 songs including ones from Britney Spears, Blink 182, Antonio Vivaldi, Lady Gaga, and even the Final Fantasy battle music. Most of the songs cost 75 coins, but some are available for 25.


Magic Piano is hands down the most fun I’ve had with a Piano app. The app looks great, works flawlessly and most importantly it’s a lot of fun. The only real gripe I have is the fact that most of the free songs I noticed aren’t modern, and it’s the same for any cheap songs you come across. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the classics, but I did want to hear what Mad World from Tears for Fears sounded like on Magic Piano without having to complete an in-app offer to get enough coins. That being said, it’s still a great app and one that’s highly recommended for everyone. You can check out Smule’s Magic Piano on Google Play for free.

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