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Ticketfly: Next Generation Ticketing and Social Marketing

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Ticketfly is the fastest-growing, independent ticketing and social marketing platform. Ticketfly offers event promoters and venues next-generation ticketing and powerful website and social marketing tools, saving them time and money.

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing the SVP of Marketing, Gannon Hall, about the start-up’s success and some of its unique marketing strategies.

Were there any problems or challenges within the concert/ticketing industry that inspired the creation of Ticketfly?There was a gap in the ticketing industry that we sought to address. Event promoters and venues were frustrated with the lack of innovation in the industry, and the outdated legacy technology that didn’t include basic social marketing tools like Facebook and Twitter. Ticketfly was created to address the entire ticketing lifecycle, from event creation to promotion and sale.

What are the advantages of using a service like yours versus a service like EventBrite? Eventbrite is a service that works well for hosting a school reunion or a corporate event, geared towards non-professionals looking to organize one-off events. Ticketfly is becoming the go-to for professional event promoters and venues looking for an independent ticketing and social marketing solution. Our core expertise is professional live events and all of the marketing that goes with that.

It seems like your company has become relatively popular in a short time. What are some of the factors that led to your popularity? We have quickly evolved our service to meet the demand of the industry. Being a lean startup means we can move quickly to implement new tools and services that consumers want, and have provided lower service fees than our competition from the beginning of the company. For example, Ticketfly was selected to be a launch partner for Facebook Open Graph, and was the first ticketing platform to implement ticket purchase without leaving the Facebook environment.

It seems like Ticketfly is always looking partner up with other individuals and companies. Why are affiliates so important to your company?
Our affiliate relationships help us fulfill our commitment to getting our clients’ events out on as many channels as possible, and these relationships help fans discover Ticketfly shows based on their specific tastes and locations.

I noticed that you had a Ticketfly Summit in January, what was the overall response from your partners?Response was overwhelmingly positive! It was a great way for us to continue open dialogue with our clients, unveil some new features, and enable them to share best practices with each other. We created a video with feedback and interviews from some of our client attendees from the Ticketfly Summit here: First Annual Client.

Where would you like to see your company at in the next five years? In the next five years we want to be the number one, go-to ticket provider. We want to expand our services and client roster with even more impressive partners and venues so we become a household name among live entertainment promoters and venues.”