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Thrillcall Brings the Best in Live Music Offers to Android Marketplace

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Thrillcall, a live event discovery service with exclusive daily offers, today announced its free Thrillcall app is now available to Android users. Thrillcall’s live music app satisfies spur-of-the-moment music cravings with access to localized “flash” live music offers and show listings. To see the app in action and to download go to http://getapp.thrillcall.com/.

Within the app, users can choose their city listing to see two categories, tonight’s music and exclusive daily offers. Show listings are available in every major city and Thrillcall has successfully rolled out localized, exclusive offers in Los Angeles (LA), New York City (NYC) and San Francisco (SF), with three more cities coming this Fall.

“We’ve seen incredible demand for the app from Android users and we’re thrilled about extending our offering to this growing market,” said Matthew Tomaszewicz, co-founder, Thrillcall. “Our customers keep telling us that the Thrillcall app is their go-to source for what live music is on tap in their city tonight, and we are keen to extend this benefit to Android users. Ultimately, we want to make live music as accessible, enjoyable and shareable as possible.”

Android users will benefit from the strong relationships that Thrillcall has built since launching the iOS Thrillcall app in February 2012. Thrillcall now works with more than 60 prominent venues across the US, and leading music festivals, such as San Francisco’s Noise Pop, New York City’s SummerStage and Los Angeles’ Sunset Strip Music Festival to bring the best live music offers. Coupling its strong connections with ticketors, artists and venues, the app compliments its Web live music site, which currently has more than 500,000 live music fans.

Key highlights of the new Thrillcall app include:

· Exclusive “flash” offers that instantaneously satisfy the need for new and unique live music experiences

· In-app purchase of exclusive offers with one simple touch

· Comprehensive and accurate list of local concert listings in every major city

· Built-in map to view the exact location of scheduled live shows

· Sample of music and social share to extend the offer and fun

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