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Thrill the World One Step at a Time

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You may have heard of this little song called “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. Oh, it sounds familiar? I WOULD HOPE SO. It is only one of the most renowned songs and music videos of all time. The music video, narrated by the legendary Vincent Price, was ahead of its time with the inclusion of zombies—something that is so popular now that I fear people actually think they’re real. (Seriously, they’re not…or I sincerely pray they aren’t.)

As a tribute to Michael Jackson, Ines Markeljevic, a professional dancer who learned “Thriller” at age 16, created Thrill the World. Thrill the World is an annual worldwide event where all participants dance to “Thriller” at the same time. It began in October of 2006 and still continues to this day. Each event raises money for local charities of their choice. There are certain rules that all participants must abide by, such as dancing the correct steps and to the original speed of the song—there’s no easy way out! And of course, it’s even more fun when you dress up as zombies.

Though this year’s Thrill the World event took place on October 26th—I know, I’m bummed I missed it too—it happens annually, so start practicing now! You can create your own event for next year and sign up through their website. Thrill the World is attempting to break the current world record for the largest simultaneous  “Thriller” dance. According to the Record Holders Republic, the current record for the synchronized dance is 22,571 people. That record was set in 2009—why don’t we all help to break that record next October? This is a great event that the entire family could take part in and you would be helping to raise money for local charities. Let me break it down for you: you get to dress like a zombie, learn a dance that you’ve always wanted to be able to do (admit it), and you would be doing it for charity. How could you say no?

For more information, visit: http://www.thrilltheworld.com

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