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Three Must Have Music Apps For The Summertime

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Right now there seems to be a serious over flow of mobile music apps hitting the markets from major players like Spotify as well as start-ups. The average person that I ‘talk to is just now getting familiar with Pandora, has heard about Spotify but never used it and is comfortable with manually streaming music via YouTube.

With summertime being one of the most exciting times for music, I wanted to share with you three must have music apps for my favorite time of the year.

With so many concerts, festivals and outdoor events to choose from this summer; Thrillcall helps you to discover the best live music events in your city. Are you searching for the next Kanye West and Jay-Z show? Maybe you’re into the heavy stuff and would like to know where ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ is playing next. Thrillcalls offers a search engine like feature that easily allows you to find concerts by artists name or venue. In addition, Thrillcall offers concert recommendations based on your friends Facebook activity as well as last-minute deals via its mobile app.

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Who can deny a great social music service like Spotify, and with its recent release of its new streaming radio feature iPhone and iPad users it’s a serious no brainer. In terms of social music services, Spotify leads all of its competition in terms of catalog size, buffering speed, and its ease of use. Spotify’s radio service is ad-supported, so you will be hearing commercial but they are less frequent than the desktop version. Even though the music discovery aspect on Spotify’s mobile app isn’t as robust as Pandora, Spotify kills in the social area by allowing you to see your playlists, your friends playlists and listen to “What’s New.”

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Are you looking for away to keep your house guest entertained or do you want to finally win the talent show at this summer’s family reunion? Songify is an awesome app that allows you to give vocals that T-Pain effect in no time. Let’s be serious what would a pop song be without auto tunes these days? Songify is the official app of YouTube phenoms the Gregory Brothers and it easily allows you to auto tune your voice and set it to a track. Songify comes with 5 free songs to record your voice over, but you will cost you a small fee to increase your library.

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