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Three Epic Musical Treats To Enjoy This Summer

With summer almost in full swing, I wanted to share three acts that are currently in heavy rotation on my playlist. They all have two things in common: One- They’re all on their genius second offerings and Two- Collectively I reckon they’re going to be huge on the indie scene.

Vigo Thieves

They would have fit in perfectly in the 80’s, although their timing is impeccable; we certainly needed someone different like Vigo Thieves to shake up the music scene of the moment.

I graciously predict big things for this four piece indie band from Glasgow who have already been described as, “anthemic and outstanding” and “a band tipped for chart success.”

Since the release of their debut Love is Dead EP in 2011, the indie rockers have strived to create something different that will stand out from the rest – which according to lead singer/guitarist Steve Jukes is, “a big stadium sound which the music scene has been lacking in Scotland.”

The band who recently released their second offering (2 Part) Heart and Soul EP created such a buzz on the indie circuit that it lead to them being approached by T in The Park organizers who were so impressed that they are now using the amazing single, ‘Heartbeats’ as this summer’s theme tune.

Festival fit Vigo Thieves are undoubtedly ready for the summer ahead with a mighty performance scheduled for England’s T in the Park and a number of European festival slots to be announced shortly.

Vigo Thieves- Heartbeats


Santigold, AKA Santi White tried it first time around in 2008 with her debut Santogold, which gave her a medium name in the world of pop: although this time around I strongly trust ‘Master of My Make Belief’ will be the one to define 35 year old Santi and possibly grant her world-wide success.

Miss Gold is no stranger to the touring circuit having supported big acts such as Coldplay and Beastie Boys. In addition – the multi-talented songstress has collaborated and played a part in writing songs for Pharell Williams, Julian Casablancas and Christiana Anguilera to name but a few.

The first single released from her second offering ‘Disparate Youth’ is currently doing the rounds of the clubs to rapturous response. This offering is speckled with raw bass tripping beats which is one of those tunes guaranteed to etch itself into the minds of clubbers for some time.

We can expect more exciting hook up’s with the likes of Amadou & Miriam and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers as they embark on the current U.S leg of the I’m with You tour. From the outlook, 2012 has been set to be the defining year for the career of Miss Santigold.

Disparate Youth- Santigold

Yellow Ostrich

I would describe them as a little bit like Manchester Orchestra meets Placebo: New York formed trio Yellow Ostrich are most certainly ready to take on the indie scene full force with their latest album Strangeland.

What started off as lead-singer/ guitarist Alex Schaaf recording some little tunes in his bedroom back in 2009 is now staged for an indie indulgence of massive levels. Songs such as ‘Marathon Runner ‘and ‘The Shakedown’ would surely not appear out of place on any number one selling indie album, which I expect is the direction Strangeland is headed.

Whilst debut The Mistress may have been somewhat of an experiment, Strangeland is indeed the real thing. The difference perhaps may have an inkling to do with the welcome addition of Jon Natchez (Beirut and Bishop Allen) whose horn and bass provide that something special.

It’s set to be an exciting summer of U.S touring for the band with a set of June gigs supporting Los Campesinos, and slots at Lollapalooza and Outside Lands Festivals in August. Yellow Ostrich’s amazing album Strangeland is out now.

Yellow Ostrich- The Shakedown