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This Is…Icona Pop Album Review

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Icona Pop is the newest electronica/house/techno singing duo from Sweden. They have two hits on the radio and their song I Love It has earned popularity from commercials, movies, and television shows. Now for their full length, US debut album This Is…Icona Pop, they manage to keep the energy from I Love It going for forty minutes spanning eleven tracks. While I’m not generally a fan of this type of music, I was surprised to find myself enjoying the music more than what I would’ve liked. For a synthopop/dance album, it’s surprising filled with creative lyrics and the album manages to evoke the vibe of a party lasting all night.


I Love It is the album opener and it’s the set-up for the energetic nature of the entire album. The song has been described as fun and it truly is; in its DNA, the song is all about having a good time and has an underlying pro-female vibe that everyone can enjoy. All Night is the very next song in the playlist and it carries on that energetic beat, albeit it much more mellowed out. With We Got The World, it becomes evident that their songs channel many of the techno trends from the past, like Alice Deejay, while trying to incorporate a new school vibe. The beat has an 8-bit video game sound to it that sounds great.


Girlfriend borrows from Tupac Shakur’s Me and My Girlfriend. It’s also the only song on the album that either member of Icona Pop, Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo, wrote in conjunction with other writers. In The Stars is when the creative writing breaks through, creating metaphors, weak metaphors, but metaphors nonetheless. Got a horseshoe in my pocket/and my hands are full of gold are the opening lines in the song. The use of imagery in the song is clever though it’s a shame that so few songs on the album use this.


One problem (out of many) I had with the album is with On A Roll. That opening cadence immediately got me annoyed and I found myself humming it or whistling it. It’s catchy but it’s freakin’ annoying. Just Another Night still carries that party girl vibe but sounds tonality different from the rest of the songs on the album. Here is where both members of the group get to flex their vocal efforts. It’s evident that they can sing in I Love It and Girlfriend but with Just Another Night you aren’t distracted by flashy sounds.


The album is fairly short but it’s kind of hard to listen to house music for more than minutes at a time. While I did enjoy listening to some of the tracks, other felt more compelled to annoy me. Looking through each song and noticing that the duo doesn’t write their own music was a little disheartening but I got over it quick. The album is perfect if you want to throw a party and don’t have money for a DJ, them take a few songs from the album and you have a great jumping off point. If you’re a fan of synthopop/dance music, then it goes without saying, buy the album. For those others, just buy Just Another Night. It’s far and away the best song on the album with a smoother melody and fantastic vocals.

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