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5 Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman

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Pregnancy is hard and it is certainly hard enough without people asking you a million questions—questions that more than likely make you feel as though you’d like to rip their head off. Or that’s at least how I imagine pregnant women would feel with the hormones raging in their respective bodies. To help out the rest of you who are not pregnant, here’s my heads-up on the things you should never say or ask a pregnant lady. Never. I’m serious.

 5 Things Never to Say to a Pregnant Woman

1. “Was it planned?”
Were you planned? Seriously, who asks this question?

2. “I never had morning sickness.”

Well good for you. Excuse me while I throw up in your face.

3. “I was sick my entire pregnancy.”

Thanks for instilling that fear in me.

4. “Wow, you’re huge!”



Back away. Quickly.

5. “Should you really be eating/drinking that?”



Should you be eating that? Seriously, these women are growing a child inside of them. Let them eat whatever they want.



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