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The Weeknd Drops Two New Songs

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As a teaser to his upcoming album, The Weeknd released two new songs on YouTube. The songs, “Kiss Land” and “John Carpenter”, clock in at a solid eight minutes and offer a sneak peek into what his new album has to offer.

“Kiss Land” is everything you’ve come to expect from the dark, moody, and mysterious Weeknd. The twinkling melody and drum beat is punctuated by horror movie style screams. The building tension created by the music blends nicely with his sex-fueled lyrics to create a sultry, sexy piece of music.

In his YouTube video, “Kiss Land” transitions seamlessly into “John Carpenter”, a more exciting track. The song is catchy and boasts both his excesses and critiques his own exploits. Both songs exude a sense of seduction typical of The Weeknd and suggest that his new album will be just another exceptional step in his rising career.

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