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The Warner Sound Spotify App Review

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The Warner Sound Spotify App Review: 3 out of 5
Warner Sound Spotify app is by far the nicest designed app interface I’ve seen so far.

Navigation is the same as the other label apps, with a top bar to scroll through sections for quick access to new releases and playlists. It seems the material still has much time to catch up to, with Warner Music Group’s expansive catalogue The Warner Sound app only features new releases with exception to classic records which are organized in various playlists

It seems The Warner Sound app is focused on mix-matching sounds together in genre friendly playlists bridging the generational gaps. With playlists featuring Alt Country, Grateful Dead, Poptopia, and Welcome to the South: Southern Rap hip-hop, there are tastes for fans of every sound.

Although I’m not knowledgeable of Warner Music’s entire catalogue, there are some songs in several playlists that aren’t by Warner Music artists at all, confusing the uneducated music fan. Though unique playlists like Fred Armisen Presents: Beautiful Basslines add to an already eclectic music collection, the Warner App is also exhibiting playback malfunction issues for playlists.

The Warner Sound App gained points for a nicely presented interface then lost it with the same playlist playback malfunction as the other Apps. Therefore I rate it a 3 out of 5.

These new label apps are good for promoting fresh new music as well as keeping the sounds of the classics in the ear of listeners both old and recent. There seems to be a bug causing playback malfunctioning with the Mac Osx 10.5.8 Software, which is consistent with much of Spotify’s applications. Once this is fixed I’m sure the experience will only add to why streaming music discovery and sharing has a bright future ahead of it.