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The Swirl: 10 Best Interracial Couples In Hip-Hop Past and Present

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Maybe we’ve been watching Something New too may times, but lately we’ve been noticing interracial couples everywhere, even our favorite rappers.  Check out our list of the 10 Best interracial couples in Hip-Hop past and present:

1. Ice T and CoCo

Everyone knows Ice-T Loves Coco.  There’s a hilarious show telling us so.  But despite all their (i.e. Coco’s) crazy, we definitely have to give props to them for going strong for over 10 years. However, recent pics that hit the net with CoCo cuddling with another rapper has Ice T steaming.

2. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

These “un-American idols” caught everyone’s attention when they declared their love for each other early this year.  Like them or not, they are the power couple of hip-hop right now.

3. Diddy and J. Lo

Even though J. Lo is dating her boy toy Casper now and Diddy’s with Cassie , J. Lo and Diddy were still one of our favorite swirl couples.

4. Lil Wayne and Dhea

Although Lil Wayne has broken it off with his ex-fiancé Dhea, we still thought they were cute…kind of.

5. Kanye West and Amber Rose

While we were sad to see this couple split, they’ve both moved on and made it on our list twice.  Plus, the result of the split was My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.  No complaints here.

6. A$ap Rocky and Iggy Azalea

Were they ever a couple? Who knows.  A$ap say hell no, but Iggy’s tattoos say otherwise.  Either way, they were an interesting pairing.

7. Dr. Dre and Nicole Threatt

This beautiful couple have been married for over 15 years.  Good job Dr. Dre, you did good!

8. 50 cent and Chelsea Handler

We all know Chelsea got that jungle fever.  And when she finally started dating rapper 50 cent, we were so happy she finally got some chocolate.

9. Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose

After Amber Rose decided she wasn’t about that Yeezy life, she bounced back into the arms of Wiz Khalifa and is now having his baby.  And now they’re one of the strongest couples in hip-hop.

10. Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran

The Breezy-Rihanna-Karrueche love triangle was the topic of every gossip magazine.  And while we’re still not sure what’s going on, we still thought Chris and his Asian cutie were adorable.

Honorable Mention
Lil Kim and Scott Storch
Cocaine, plastic surgery and more coacine….