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The Style Evolution of Solange Knowles

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Solange Knowles has come a long way from simply being known as Beyonce’s little sister to an artist in her own right.  Her style has also come a long way in a complete transition from little sister to fashionista.


In the early 2000s, Solange was nothing more than Beyonce’s little sister.  Hiding in the background with outfits that don’t outshine here sister’s sums up the beginning of Solange’s journey into fashionista.


2003’s release of Solange’s solo album brought a new look for the young star.  The album cover of Solo Star unveiled a bohemian style while in person, she also began to incorporate matching patterns.  And lots of curls.


2004 brought The Johnson Family Vacation as well as a year of simple outfits and long braids.  She ended up the year by ditching the braids for soft curls, but kept to the simple attire.


Solange’s marriage and birth of her first child brought about a maturity in her style and a hint of the uniqueness that we would later see.


In 2008, Solange unveiled her lush, curly locks.  But in 2009, she sheared them.  A look, which to everyone’s surprise, she rocked.

2010- present 

 2010 is the year fashionista Solange made her big debut.  She began to rock an urban chic and bold colors and prints all with a vintage vibe.

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