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The Power of YouTube Cover Songs

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There is an age old myth about a humanistic need to be noticed. They say everyone’s dream is to be famous. Now I don’t know about this being everyone’s dream but I do know if one is talented in music and/or singing, it is imperative to have their skills showcased in front of as many people as possible. Thanks to the internet era, that dream no longer has to be achieved through long open mic nights in hundreds of backdoor bars. YouTube has changed the lives of so many undiscovered talents and has granted the powerless with a very deadly weapon in music.

From Justin Bieber to Rebecca Black, there is an endless amount of talent being discovered and even more that have yet to be discovered on YouTube. It was somewhere between the quirky viral videos like “Charlie Bite Me” and dancing cats, aspiring young talent found an outlet to showcase what they have to offer to the world. Whether it’s simply for friends and family to observe or intentions on the right ear taking notice, the opportunity to be the next American Idol doesn’t just have to be via network television.

Given not all talents have song-writing skills, one doesn’t have to showcase original works in order to be noticed by anyone. Cover songs make not only an excellent means for young up-and-coming singers to show their stuff; it also allows potential fans a way to really enjoy your efforts given the ability for them to sing along with songs their familiar with. All one needs is a webcam and a computer compatible microphone and you can build an impressive resume of recorded singing auditions.

The beauty of the cover song is how fast they become popular. I’ve heard an unsuspecting debut single on internet radio and/or popular music sites and within 24 hours dozens of videos of unheard talents will be uploaded to Youtube. The reason for this: everyone knows once a song is popular, the possibility to go viral is instantaneous. Catchy songs are like wildfire–they spread fast and aggressive. Within days, music fans will search for songs on Youtube and find covers that are almost done well enough to rival the original artist’s version.

I search Youtube for new undiscovered talents all the time. As a multi-genre recording artist/songwriter, I find it uplifting to see so many with the same passion, using outlets like Youtube to turn their dreams into reality. I also am always searching for right talent to collaborate with and/or develop with some of the works I’ve written. Youtube is more than a digital karaoke to entertain and share with friends. It is the path that leads the way to the promised land in the music world and the cover song is the tour guide. Thank you once again to the technological age and the digital era. You’ve given hope to the weary in such an unrelenting industry.