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The Meteoric Rise of Buzz Media’s Music Blog Empire

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Buzz Media is a true testament to how music and media companies are built and maintained in the 21st century. The six-year-old company, formerly known as Buzznet and headed by CEO Tyler Goldman, has worked to make Buzz Media reach its first year of profitability in 2012. The story of Buzz’s meteoric rise to success has been publicized in prominent business magazines like Bloomberg Business Week, Forbes, and the popular tech news website Tech Crunch.
Just take a look around the corporate Buzz Media website and you’ll see a number of core initiatives that the company is handling: Branded Entertainment (branded programming and experiential marketing and events), Social Media, Contest and Sweepstakes promotions, Content Distribution and Mobile Media initiatives. So the Buzz Media tagline “Defining Culture: Addicting Audiences” is actually quite accurate after taking a closer look at some of the things they are involved in.
Buzz is a fully-fledged media company that focuses on celebrity culture and big-named brands. But one of the biggest stories the Buzz had generated in the past few years is its continued acquisition of many independent and major music properties. Many folks may not know it, but Buzz’s music brands include some of the most popular names throughout the wide-ranging and continually expanding spectrum of music blogs; including The Hype Machine, Gorilla vs. Bear, Brooklyn Vegan, Concrete Loop, Absolute Punk, Pure Volume, Stereogum and PopMatters, among other names. And that was back in 2010!
The company made an even bigger splash in the music world this year by acquiring one of the most well known name brands in music journalism with SPIN magazine just last month. And in May of this year, Buzz bought electronic dance music and culture publication XLR8R, which had actually ceased publication of the print magazine in 2011
So what does this mean? Well, let’s see if we can break it down a bit. We all know that music these days is more of a social practice and an experience than it has ever been before. We also know that many artist in the 21st century have been discovered, cultivated and has found much success online by using tools such as MySpace, Facebook Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Vimeo, and yes, blogs! And some of the blogs previously mentioned have grown to be some of the biggest names in breaking new music over the last 10 years for artists that are not connected to a major label.
That being the case, Buzz Media has exerted their power and their will on the social music discovery world by acquiring many of these blogs and publications and making a case for itself a arguably one of the most formidable music and media companies in the new millennium.
Furthermore, Buzz seems to use the strategy of purchasing and acquiring multiple music blog properties that have built a dedicated following in just about all genres of music. So as the social music wave continues to grow, we can only expect Buzz Media to continue to be at the forefront of the movement.
Buzz Media realizes that it’s not music alone that makes dollars and gains advertisers these days, because people aren’t buying music in the same ways and formats as they once were. Therefore, the company has made music a large part of their brand push; but it also surrounds and offsets the music with more of what people want to see: a combination of celebrities, social media, creative branding and cultural influence.
So what’s next for Buzz Media? Will the company continue to take hold of independent music blogs and dying print music publications at such a rapid pace? Will it look to expand into other areas of the music world, such as creating their own social music service to rival the likes of Spotify, Pandora and Rdio? Whatever Buzz does, one thing is for certain: we can be sure that Tyler Goldman and his company will continue to seek out ways to make the most of the changing music business landscape and continue to carve out lanes and blaze trails however they can.

Ron Grant is a freelance journalist and blogger originally from Detroit and currently residing in Orlando. He is a contributor at HipHopDX.com, is the lead writer for Orlando-based indie music label Conscious Mind Records and runs his own independent music blog, The Music Nerdvocate. Follow him on Twitter @RonGreezy.