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The Legacy Of Spotify App Review

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The Legacy Of is a great new Spotify app that showcases the works of some of the greatest recording artists of all-time. It contains comprehensive lists of information for various musical legends over the course of time. Included in The Legacy of are informative biographical articles written to give the listener useful information concerning specific albums.

Scrolling through the featured albums list, gives insightful information on the time period an album was recorded as well as what was happening in the artists’ life to inspire the music. Step inside the mind of the artist for a brief minute and understand what inspires and motivates them to record their storied works.

There’s also brief biographies written to give listeners an artist’s history, as well as HQ photo galleries. There’s even a playlist section dedicated to giving you music that inspire the artist as well as artists’ that were inspired by them. The covers section is really cool and unique as it showcases the covers done of that specific artists’ hits.

Find every album over the course of the artists’ careers in the discography and add your favorites to your play lists. The presentation is solid and the navigation is easy as well as convenient as the sidebar will help you search through the playlists and information pieces of whomever you’re interested in. The playback gave no trouble so that’s a definite plus over other apps.

For now the artists within The Legacy Of is limited to only four: Bob Dylan, Hall and Oates, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Miles Davis. Having these ‘legendary musicians’ catalogues at the users’ fingertips is an incredible leap forward in the world of digital streaming music. Once the amount of artists’ increase to possibly adding Elton John, Bob Marley, Jimmy Hendrix, and Queen I think it’ll turn out to be of the best apps yet. Till then I rate it a 4/5.