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The History of Marijuana and Hip-Hop (1990 to Present)

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In the words of Smokie from Friday:”I know you don’t smoke weed, I know this; but I’m gonna get you high today, ’cause it’s Friday; you ain’t got no job… and you ain’t got sh** to do.”

In Honor of 420 Day, Here are some of the biggest marijuana anthems of all-time in Hip-Hop..

1991-Dj Quick dropped a single from the Quik is the Name album called Tha Bombudd which was an underground classic.

1992 -When Dr. Dre released The Chronic, Who would know that this album would change the entire culture of Hip-Hop and create, Death Row Records the biggest gangsta rap label of all time?

The RBL Posse (Ruthless By Law) was a Bay Area underground group who spun a regional classic called ‘Bammer Weed’ in 1991 as well.

1994-In the Early 90’s the Godfather of Gangsta Rap Eazy E, signed a group out of Cleveland named Boned Thugs and Harmony who’s first album was filled with odes to the Cannibas..

1995 -Who Could forget about The Luniz I got 5 On It,” which was one of the greatest marijuana anthems of all-time? This single was from their Operation Stackola album which reached #20 on the Billboard.

Def Jam legends Method Man and Redman dropped the classic ‘How High’ from The Show soundtrack.

1996 -Crucial Conflict from Chicago released a singe called “Hay” from their album ‘Final Tic.’ The single was certified gold and peaked at No. 18 on the Billboard Charts.

Tupac released ‘High Till I Die,’ a song from the ‘Sunset Park’ movie soundtrack that pledged his allegiance to the Ganja…

On Houston rapper Scarface’s 4th album, The Untouchable, he released a song called ‘Mary Jane’ which was the new version of Rick James song..

1997-Mystikal dropped the classic ‘Still Smoking’ from his ‘Unpredictable’ LP.

1999-Dr. Dre released the follow up to his classic the ‘Chronic’ with the ‘Chronic 2001.’ Eventhough it lacked a lot of marijuna references, it brought west coast Hip-Hop back and introduced us to a young Marshall Mathers..

2001-Because I got High by Afroman was an entire album dedicated to marijuana and created an international superstar out of the Mississippi native Joseph “Afroman” Foreman Loppy Octopus.

2002-Styles P from the Lox dropped a monster called ‘Good Times ( I Get High)’, which peaked at #22.

For almost a decade marijuana songs were beconming passe, but recently we have seen a resurgence with young artists like Wiz Khalifa, Currensy, Kid Ink and others..

Marijuana will forever maintain its fixture in Hip-Hop and Pop Culture, so here is to 420 Day.. Smoke Up…