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The Guardian UK Spotify App Review

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The Guardian Spotify App Review 3 out of 5

The U.K has always had its own method of introducing obscure and alternative music to  popular culture.  I have always believed their pioneering of electro-pop offered an element that can only come with their unique free spirited outlook on life.  And considering Spotify began in the UK, its only natural they offer this “free spirit” through their brand of press.

British national daily newspaper publication The Guardian had to be the one to position themselves at the helm of music publication by adding their app to Spotify’s desktop service.  The Guardian is a simple but interesting application that handles on hand music reviews embedded in your Spotify desktop.  The Guardian’s staff of music critics offer their published artist/album reviews and ratings to enlighten your music knowledge and entertain your curiosity as an independent fan.

Perhaps your also a published music critic, or simply an over-extended music enthusiast who is always searching for new delicacies in this always shifting digital dimension.  And because Spotify is an already on-hand part of your streaming music experience, simply click on the album icon tracklisting embedded in the review and listen for yourself.  If the taste is to your liking, add it to one of your playlists and

Though The Guardian is another unique way to discover fresh sounds, their infancy as an app hasn’t shown anything spectacular that would cause you to spend any extended time as a user.  Perhaps in the future, the more material and interesting insider info that gets added will offer a more stimulating experience.  Therefore my rating is 3 out of 5.