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The Dream IV Play – Album Review

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The Dream’s fifth studio album, IV Play, did surprise me since the first track off of the album is so stupid.  Let me reiterate, this is the first time I’m listening to any The Dream song, let alone an album so I went in cold without listening to any of his previous work.  What sounded like a bad first impression with High Art, I was skeptical that the rest of the album would sway me into liking the effort; I was wrong and found myself enjoying the album more than I anticipated.

The biggest problem I have with the album is that the tracklist is bookended by bad songs.  The meat of the album lie dead center but you will have to struggle through some terrible songs to get it.  With songs like Equestrian, Turnt, Where Have You Been, Too Early, Loving You/Crazy and Holy Love, it was like I was De’Angelo the in Untitled video.  It’s that old school soul/R and B that I truly liked about the album.


However, another crutch are the terrible lyrics, cringe worthy even. It felt as though many of the lyrics were meant to shock and awe with profane and obscene lyrics.  Sometimes it work, other times it doesn’t.  Take Pu**y featuring Pusha T and Big Sean for example.  The lyrics are cringe worthy and felt forced.  The back half of the deluxe version suffers in much the same way the front half does.  Divine, Y’All, and TRON aren’t that great to end the album.  What I have to give him effort for is that he basically wrote and produced every song on the album, so there’s that.


All in all, I enjoyed IV Play, well, the central songs off of the album.  It’s not downright terrible or very good, it lies somewhere on middle ground.  IV Play is very average.

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