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Top 10 Craziest Chains in Hip-Hop

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Hip-hop and bling are synonymous. While the wearing of gold chains was initially adopted as a way of standing out and seeking attention, some hip-hop artists have taken the tradition a little too far. Here are some of the craziest chains to ever grace the musical world.

1. Kanye’s Horus Chain

Kanye was probably trying to make a statement with this $300,000 chain. What it was? We’re not quite sure.

2. Anything Gucci Mane wears

Whether he’s sporting a whisk, an igloo, or cartoon characters, Gucci Mane’s chains are never less than absurd. His frosted flakes box, however, pushes it a little too far.

3. Sean Kingston’s Crayon Box

This blinged out crayon box is supposedly worth half a million dollars. In 2008, it was stolen in the mail from Kingston, but the reggae star had it returned.

4. Just Blaze’s PS3 controller

While Just Blaze’s chain doesn’t hit quite the same monetary punch as the others at only $25,000, the workmanship on this decked game controller is stunning.

5. Shawty Lo’s Crack Vial

While this may be a step too far, wearing loose diamonds in a vial around your neck is a pretty risk move and should be commended.

6. Waka Flocka’s Gumby and Pokey

While he can sometimes be found sporting a Muppets character around his neck, it’s his Gumby and Pokey accessories that earn him a spot on our list.

7. Soulja Boy’s Lamborghini

Not only is this black diamond covered lamborghini a whopping $250,000, but it’s also a remote control car.

8. T-Pain’s Big A** Chain

This chain really just speaks for itself.

9. Plies’ Goons

These Goons come in a variety of colors and Plies is known to rock them all at the same time.

10. OJ Da Juiceman

Perhaps this OJ chain is representative of OJ Da Juiceman as an artist, but who really knows?