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The Best Android Apps for Rappers

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Android Apps For Rappers

So you wanna’ be a rap superstar, and live large… or so the song says. If you’ve dreamed of being a rapper today’s your lucky day as there just happen to be several Android Apps for rappers. They won’t help you get a contract and they probably won’t even help you get laid, but they will let you sharpen your lyrical skills.

1. Straight Spittin
We covered this one awhile back, and it’s a sure fire lock to be on this list. Straight Spittin is the best app to help you rap, and it’s also the funniest. You can freestyle, rap over lots of different beats, and best of all… you can rap battle. Yup, you can spit your fiery verse then pass the mike to an opponent online to get in your own rap battle. People can vote on your raps and you can vote on theirs; honestly I’ve spent more time listening to other peoples rhymes than I ever did trying my own as some were drop dead hilarious. If you want to test your skill against some folks online (and have a good laugh) you need to download Straight Spittin from Appalachian Apps. There are 3 different version of this one with two paid versions and a free version; all of them are available to download on Google Play.

2. The Booth Rap Studio
If you’ve ever had a phat rhyme you need to bust all you need to do is fire up The Booth Rap Studio from NEB Studios. The Booth lets you freestyle over the hottest beats while you’re on the go, and if rapping’s not your forte you can share your hot beats to everyone in the world and let them spit fire on your tracks. If you get a track that’s not whack you can share it with everyone via twitter, Facebook, and email; you can also have your track rated or rate others if you’re feeling a little judgmental. There’s a free version of The Booth Rap Studio you can try while the full version will set you back $3.99.



3. Tune Me
If your goal in life is to sound just like T-Pain there’s only one app for you… Tune Me from Atonality Mobile. Tune Me lets you record songs with that same voice effect you hear on practically everything, and all you need to do is sing into the mic your phone. You can freestyle or install your own background beats from your personal library. It’s a fun little app to play around with, and there’s a free version available to try. There’s also a full version of the app that kills ads and lets you use any Mp3 as a background beat. Both versions of Tune Me are available on Google Play.

4. Custom Rap Name Generator
This one won’t help you rap, but it is great for a laugh and everyone knows a great rapper needs a great rap name. All you need to do is answer a few simple questions and you’ll have your own rap name in just a few clicks. I’ve had a good time with this one hanging out with my friends, and its well worth a look if you need a rap name on the quick. You can pick up Blue Theory’s Custom Rap Name Generator for free on Google Play.


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