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The Art of “Ear Hustling”: One Earbit At A Time

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So, you wanna be famous rock star, huh? Maybe you just want to play in a successful independent band and have a career that pays your rent and covers the monthly cost of that $30,000 student loan. Well, one of the the best arts that you can master in life is the art of “Ear Hustling.”

“Ear Hustling” is nothing more than eavesdropping and paying attention to everything that is happening around you. A lot of times we miss out on precious opportunities by not being conscious and ready for opportunities when they arise. Like the time you were at the local record store and the clerk said that a huge band was coming to town and was looking for an opening act, but you were too busy on your phone updating your Facebook status. Sound familiar? You wouldn’t know because you weren’t paying attention!

The most successful businessmen in the world have all mastered the art of listening and asking questions. I spent the last ten years of my life in music and marketing and was taught early in my career that the person who is asking a question is in control of the conversation. They have all the information and ammunition they need to to turn the conversation into a sale.

Here are three places that are prime for Ear Hustling:

Local Record Stores: When I first started off in the music industry, I would go to the local record stores and spend hours listening to music and talking to the cashier and store owner. I would find out who had the hottest music, who was coming to town, and if someone was making an in-store appearance. The small mom and pop stores that are still around and barely making a living in your city are very passionate about helping indie artists and have more information than you can imagine.

Online (Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks): Instead of using Facebook and Twitter to spy on your ex and constantly promote your new single or next show, start listening to the conversation. People are talking about events, shows, and opportunities that you can take advantage of now. Pay attention to the conversation and trending topics and I guarantee you will find enough material to write an entire album.

Public Places: (Coffee Shops, Malls etc): When I was living in Los Angeles, I would get dressed up everyday and go to Starbucks. I would pay attention to every conversation, smile, and write songs. As I was writing my songs, looking very pseudo with my Dre Beats on, someone would approach me daily saying, “Do you do music? I do music, too.”

These are just a few tips that I learned and I know they will definitely help you along your journey. And remember, the person that is asking the questions is always in control of the conversation.

This is a post that I previously posted at Ear Bits’ Radio Blog.