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Test your Musical Prowess with Song Pop for Android

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Musical Trivia Games are a surefire way to have a little fun with some friends, and Song Pop by FreshPlanet is the best of the bunch. If you dig music, and think you know every song from a genre or generation this is the game for you as you’ll get to put your skills to the test against people from all around the world.

Song Pop takes borrows a page from popular games like Draw Something whereas you’ll get to take your shot at a quiz, then issue a challenge to an online opponent. You can choose to play against friends from Facebook, via Email, by Username or with a random opponent. Once you pick an opponent you get to pick a “playlist” which is basically a mini music quiz based on a certain genre. You’re given a few to choose from initially, but can purchase more with coins that can be earned or purchased. Once you get into a game you’re given 5 song clips and 4 answers to pick from for each clip. You’re going for speed as you’ll want to pick the correct answer (and get it right) as fast as possible as your opponent is going to try and beat it. Song Pop’s premise is really a simple one and it’s a blast if you’re into music. Personally, I have not missed a single question yet and will destroy anyone that wants to challenge me to a game, but we’ll get to that in a minute.


As for the features, Song Pop has plenty to offer there although some if it will probably cost ya’. The Shop section holds all the goodies, and from here you’ll be able to purchase new playlists and musical notes that can be used to shuffle playlists. There are around 40 or so playlists to buy that range from Summer 2012, Classic Rap, Funk, K-Pop, Punk, I Love NY!, and One hit wonders. All playlists cost 249 coins, and those coins can be earned through winning or purchased through the shop. You can unlock some new tracks, songs, etc… through gameplay as well. Last but not least, we have the achievements and there are some great ones to shoot for like 50 songs in a row, and Music Master among others.



Even though you’ll “probably” have to buy some playlists Song Pop is still an awesome musical trivia game and the best around by far. The online multiplayer really sold me on the whole game and I’ve never had to wait long to find an opponent. There is a free version of the game that appears to be fully functional while the paid version will cost you $1.99 for some added functionality although they never say what it is. From what I understand the additional playlists will cost you either way, so I’m not sure what the point of the paid version is at this time. As mentioned, I will rule you at this game and if you want to test that just look for the username Coolhandlocke. If you want to play the best music game around or “attempt” to beat me head on over to Google Play and pick up FreshPlanet’s Song Pop.

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