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Q & A with Teresajenee

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A few weeks ago, I was introduced to the lovely song bird Teresajenee via the homie Ron Grant. With a style that reminds me of Erykah Badu infused with early day Kelis, Teresajanee is definitely a talent to watch. After listening to her latest single, “Ode to October,” I fell in love with her eclectic sound and decided to reach out to the St. Louis native for an interview.

Who is Teresajenee ?

Hmmm… I have no idea most days. I ask myself that question daily.
I think beyond the music and singing, Im just evolving.

How did “Ode to October” come about?

Me and a musician friend of mine Jason Jones were at his studio in a creative session.
We definitely put our heads together for that song and from that the words just kind of flowed.
The song wrote itself.

I had a chance to listen to Electric Yellow and I love your production. Who handles it?

Thank you. Electric Yellow was a collaborative effort by several producers like Abnormal, Black Spade,
Blake Symphony, Grooveworks Entertainment, JEJZ Music, The Eclectic Beings, and
Urban Legendz Musik. I produced records on there as well.

What one word best describes your music?

There’s really no classification for my sound. I change it up so much. It was soultronica rock, but
its definitely less rock now. I think I’ll just call it Fusion from here on out ha!

What is the music scene like in St. Louis?

It’s a hot teapot in STL right now. Lots of great talent… everyone is on the brink of being discovered.
The water is about to boil over.

What are some of the highlights of your career so far?

So far the SOB show in NYC in 2009 and the LA show last year.

Where do you draw inspiration for your eclectic style from?

Everything around me… colors… black and white films… the weather.

What can we expect from Teresajenee in 2013?

Ill be back on the road again, so there will be new shows, new music, and new videos.

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