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10 Signs You’re a Procrastinator

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procrastinationThere are probably things you need to do right now. Like right now. It’s probably due tomorrow or even tonight but you haven’t started it yet. Why? It’s because you’re a procrastinator. Everyone procrastinates from time to time but many people are habitual procrastinators. Do you need help understanding if you are a procrastinator? Don’t fret, here are ten signs that may shed light on your procrastination.

Lazy Senior

•You started studying for your test the morning of


•You game all day and start your project 12 hours before it’s due

Filing taxes

•You file for your taxes on April 14

Late Christmas shopping

•You shop for Christmas gifts at 6:45 pm December 24


•You fill up your tank when the gas light lights up

Procrastibate definition

•You procrastibate


•You spend an entire day binge watching House of Cards


•You wait to see a doctor until that skin rash begins to ooze pus


•You waited until the fourth trimester

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